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    DOC DASH is not responsible for your personal safety or safety of sensitive documents or health records. DOC DASH does not claim to have any influence on the outcome of traffic stops, nor do we claim that the use of DOC DASH units will stop motorist from being ticketed or arrested.


DOC DASH is a patented organizational communication system created to add layers of safety during traffic stops  while adding efficiency to process during medical emergencies​

TRAFFIC STOPS:  Used during traffic stops DOC DASH allows motorist a proactive opportunity to communicate any non-visible situations, circumstances or disabilities while simultaneously displaying your state required motor vehicle documents, BEFORE behavior is misinterpreted as defiant or threatening behavior

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: DOC DASH has an EMERGENCY MEDICAL INFORMATION compartment.  The information in this compartment provides first responders critical medical information needed to administer life saving therapy and tells who to call in case of an emergency



DOC DASH is committed to saving lives and improving the relationship between police officers and the communities they serve. Our goal is to change the narrative through one on one improved experiences. DOC DASH adds protocol, where there were none, that respects the humanity of all involved.

© 2021 by Doc Dash

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